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Gabriella Lowhar Memorial

Letters to Gabriella Since Her Death

Since Gabriella died in April 2005 I have written her a few letters; they help me. I thought I was crazy until I learned at the Grief Group that it is very common for people to write notes and letters to those are are deceased.

Letter 1 April 20-23, 2005 - I started to write this letter the day after Gabriella died. This is the most difficult piece of writing that I have ever done; it took me three days to write (between tears and sobs that I thought I may not last through), yet the letter is no more than a page and a half long. When most people had left Gabriella's memorial, I read this to a few friends in the back yard.
Letter 2 May 18, 2005 - On this day I visited the chiropractor that Gabriella and I used to both see. As soon as I saw him I started to cry. When I came home I wrote Gabriella another letter.
Letter 3 August 24, 2005 - This was my birthday. I never would have suspected that me reaching a new year would affect me so much, but it did. I cried and cried on this day.
Letter 4 November 3, 2005 - I had a dream about Gabriella and I having sex and it prompted me to write to her. In this letter I talk to her about how I have met Valerie and how great I think that Valerie is.
Letter 5 April 18, 2006 - On the day before the one-year anniversary of Gabriella's death I was very upset. To me, this day was much worse than the actual date of her death because it was one year previous that I had last seen her alive.