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Gabriella Lowhar Memorial

What's New

May 29, 2006

Created a new section called "Writing by Gabriella." It currently includes five different pieces in it (though one of the pieces, her online journal, is four pieces by itself).

May 28, 2006

1) Today I typed in the writing from Gabriella's Memorial Book and posted it.
2) I also started to write the section that I've found the most difficult:
"About Gabriella Lowhar." It isn't finished, but it is a small start;
it's a point to work from, at least...
3) I created a section that has the five letters that I've written to Gabriella since she has died.
4) I added my contact email address in case someone wants to contact me.

April 20, 2006

Today I uploaded the website that I created. It's simple, and I'm not sure
how much that I'll work on it; I just wanted there to be something on the
Internet that talked about Gabriella.

April 19, 2006

Gabriella died a year ago today. This evening I purchased
and some space to set this website up.

April 18, 2006

The idea for this website has been with me for months. It was a year ago today
that I saw Gabriella alive for the last time. This morning I typed her name
into Google and it came back with nothing of consequence. This bothered me
enough to spur me to create this small memorial for her.

After looking around on the Internet for something simple as a web template,
I settled on this one (called "silk"). I added thirty-five pictures from throughout
her lifetime. That's about all the site consists of right now.

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