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Gabriella Lowhar Memorial

Writing by Gabriella

Here are a few pieces of writing that Gabriella wrote over the years that I knew her. Once she discovered email in about 1995 she pretty-much stopped writing letters, so there isn't that much for me to look through. I DO have her email, but email is so very different from letters, it's kind of an abbreviated form of writing (in my eyes letters and email can't be compared or read on the same level).

Compiling Gabriella's writing is heartbreaking and exhilarating; I hope that you enjoy reading it. There is more to look through, and I'll post more as I do, for this writing should not be locked up in computer files. Though, of course, we'll never forget Gabriella, her writing will help us to remember her.

1993 1993 - Gabriella wrote this a few weeks after she moved in with me in 1993. It's rather nice. Sadly, I don't think that the darkness that Gabriella refers to in this letter ever went away. If I may be so daring, I think that IT may be what took her in the end...
1993 1993 - When I first met Gabriella we wanted to know as much about each other as possible. She wrote this five-page history for me one day when she was still living with her mother (a couple of days before she moved in with me). I read it to Dominic; he liked it. This history of herself is, by FAR, the longest letter that she ever wrote to me.
1994 March 25, 1994 - A short journal entry where Gabriella describes how she feels about her newborn son.
1994 1994 - This is a letter that Gabriella wrote to her Great Aunt Edie. In June of 2005 I found this in her closet and it got me crying when I read it.
Live Journal:

2001 - 2004 - Gabriella kept an online journal for about four years (under the alias of Xenial). It's rather short, but it's interesting to read, and it's kinda odd (but ALL online journals are a bit strange; they aren't like regular journals at all). I never read this until after she died. There were some specific postings that she pointed out to me over the years because she wanted me to read them, but she erased those (for some unknown reason) sometime before she died.

Note: These journal entries are in pdf format; you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view them.